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Medicine Hat Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyers

Medicine Hat Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyers

A recent Medicine Hat auto accident created a large power outage in the city. That one made the news, but a large proportion of auto accidents don’t get big headlines. That doesn’t mean that the accidents that take place in Medicine Hat every day don’t cause life-altering consequences.

If you were the faultless driver, then you will need help recovering compensation for your losses. The team at Medicine Hat Personal Injury Lawyers can help.

Why Launch a Personal Injury Claim?

Launching a personal injury claim:

  • Means getting enough money to pay for  medical bills that Medicare won’t cover, such as physical therapy bills, dental bills, and bills for psychological counseling.
  • Means getting compensation for your lost wages and loss of earning capacity.
  • Means paying for services that you may need, such as housekeeping.
  • Means receiving compensation for your pain and suffering.

A personal injury case may not make you rich, but it can keep you and your family from sliding into financial ruin. It can also give you the resources you’ll need to put your life back on track after a catastrophic accident. In some cases, it may even replace your income in situations where you have been rendered completely unable to work. 

A settlement is not fair unless it covers all these expenses and offers you adequate compensation for your pain and suffering. The insurance companies often offer a low-ball offer early in the hopes that they can get you to sign it and go away. If you do, then you’ll never be able to sue for the proper amount. Talk to one of our injury lawyers before you accept any settlement! 

What to Do After an Auto Accident in Medicine Hat, AB

Want to strengthen your case as much as possible? Take the right steps after your automobile accident.

  1. Get you and your car to safety.
  2. Call the police and an ambulance if necessary.
  3. Exchange insurance information with the driver (snap a photo).
  4. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  5. Take as many photos as possible of the scene of the accident, including the exterior of both cars, the interior of your car, the prevailing conditions, and anything else that seems relevant.
  6. Get immediate medical attention, even if you don’t feel like you’re very hurt.
  7. Contact a lawyer as soon as you are medically capable of doing so.

You should also be extremely careful what you say. Don’t apologize for the accident or say that you’re not hurt. Say as little as possible and avoid indicating you might be at-fault for the accident or that your injuries might not be very severe. The insurance company will use your words against you later. 

If you are unconscious at the time of the accident or too hurt to take these steps then it is imperative to call a lawyer as soon as you are capable of doing so. These sorts of accidents are extremely expensive, which means Alberta insurance companies work twice as hard not to pay for them. We can get accident reconstructionists out to the scene, gather evidence, and find witnesses fast if you involve us quickly. If you don’t, these resources tend to disappear, and it’s more difficult to make your case work. 

It’s also a good idea to talk to us before you talk to any insurance company. We can file your claim for you, which means we handle the insurance adjusters and shield you from their high-pressure tactics and dirty tricks. They try to get accident victims to sign statements that can hurt them or try to get them to turn over medical records so they can claim the injuries were little more than pre-existing conditions. 

It’s still important to call a lawyer if the at-fault driver was uninsured or fled the scene, because we can help you file your case with the Alberta Motor Vehicle Accidents Claim Program (MVAC). MVAC requires you to meet many deadlines and if you don’t meet all of their procedural requirements they will not pay you. If you can meet their requirements they’ll compensate your accident for up to $200,000.

How Much is Your Car Accident Claim Work?

A car accident claim has two parts: economic damages and non-economic damages.


Economic damages consist of:


  • Compensation for your medical bills, including medical supplies, prescriptions, physical therapy, and dental bills.
  • Compensation for psychiatric bills.
  • Compensation for services you need while recovering, such as housekeeping services.
  • Compensation for wages lost while recovering.
  • Compensation for any loss of income and earning capacity if you accident is catastrophic enough to keep you from working.

Non-economic damages are pain and suffering losses. This is compensation for the hurt that you’ve gone through and the ways that your life has changed as a result of someone else’s negligence. In Alberta this award is capped at $370,000. It’s also subjective and open to interpretation. It takes an outstanding negotiator to help you maximize this award.

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Are Paid

Our car accident lawyers are paid on contingency. This means we don’t take any money until we’ve brought your case to a successful conclusion. We are usually able to help our clients get three to ten times more than they’d get on their own, even after our contingency fees are accounted for.


You don’t have to come up with a retainer to talk to us, and you don’t have to pay an exorbitant hourly rate. If you’re suffering from catastrophic injuries like a traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal injuries, scars or disfigurements, bone fractures, or other serious issues, call us to schedule a case review. 

How to Start Your Car Accident Case

All you have to do is call us to schedule your case review. You’ll be matched with an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer who will review your case, answer your questions, and talk to you about your next steps.