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Everything You Need to Know About Parking Lot Accidents in Alberta

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Everything You Need to Know About Parking Lot Accidents in Alberta

Do you believe there have been 132,072 car accident reports filed in Alberta in 2019? Unbelievably many of those accidents took place in the parking lot! Yes, you heard it right!

So, how to deal with parking lot accidents in Alberta? What is the right process to get justice? What to do if you hit a car? We will answer all the most awaited questions in this article!

What is Considered a Parking Lot Accident in Alberta?

A parking lot accident refers to the situation when someone hits a car of a person inside the parking lot area. We have listed some common parking lot collisions. Those are:

  • A running vehicle hits a well-parked vehicle.
  • A vehicle hits any stationary material in the parking area.
  • A speedy vehicle hits any person or cycle.
  • Two moving vehicles collide with each other in the parking lot.
  • A vehicle hits another’s rear panel.

Determine Guilty in the Parking Lot Accidents

You cannot determine the reason for the accident instantly. That’s why lawyers’ agencies like ours provide advisory services for your convenience.

However, sometimes both drivers have equal responsibility for one single accident in the parking lot. You can determine the guilty on the spot by observing several factors. We have listed down some of the factors.

  • At-fault Accident

When a moving car hits a well-parked vehicle, clearly the moving car’s driver is the one to blame. Likewise, it is a must to yield to a car driving down the lane. Not doing this will bring the jury against you in court.

  • 50-50 Fault for Each Driver

When anyone puts enough evidence, the jury can identify the surroundings making the fault 50/50. The type of the accident is also influencing the determination of the guilty.

Reporting a Parking Lot Accident in Alberta

Some parking lot accidents can be avoided to report police. But there are some special circumstances when you must report and fight your case.

  • Injury: Call the police immediately when people are injured badly in an accident.
  • Expenses: Get police help when your damage exceeds $2,000.
  • Profile: Call the police when you feel the other driver might be drug-addicted or involved in criminal activity.

How to Report a Parking Lot Accident in Alberta

Reporting a car accident and a parking accident are almost the same. There are two main ways to report those incidents.

  • Call Police Hotline

Call the local police helpline if the car is not driveable. The police will come to the scene and file a police report instantly.

  • Visit Police Office

You can go to the police district office if you can drive the car and there are no casualties. But be aware that the car and the person driving the car must be present there.

  • Show Documents

Show the following documents to the police authority to file a report.

  • Your driving license
  • Your vehicle certificate of registration number
  • Your proof of car insurance
  • Your observation about the other driver or vehicle involved in the accident

How to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents in Alberta

To humans is err! You cannot avoid parking lot accidents for a lot of reasons. Often new drivers cannot find out a tactical way to park their cars in the parallel parking lot.

But we can instruct you to minimize parking lot accidents. Keep the following things in your mind.

  • Pay attention to your surrounding.
  • Install cameras on your car’s rear panel.
  • Look at the looking glasses carefully.
  • Yield to the oncoming cars.
  • Keep your speed low.
  • Always give space to other cars.
  • Try to hold the siren while parking.

Legal Things to Do After Parking Lot Accidents

An accident will cause more difficulties for your family than difficulties in your life. So, do not perform any unusual activities or rage after any parking lot accident. Do the following things instead.

  • Check for injuries

Check the health condition of your body and the other persons in your car. Any minor injury can take your life with infection. Do not let that happen.

  • Call Police

Call the police helpline and get help. Do not make any uncontrollable situation yourself. Sometimes drivers tend to fight the other one instead of taking medical help.

  • Exchange Information

Cooperate with the other driver to share information. This will solve the problem better. If any third person involves in this accident, you both can prove that person wrong and get compensation.

  • Contact Lawyer

You may look guilty with the lack of evidence. So contact a medicine lawyer if you are injured. Otherwise, contact car accident lawyers. Sometimes the wrong parking lot design occurs accidents in which the drivers are free from any charges.

  • Gather Witness

Try to find any witnesses after such accidents. Ask the witness what they saw and note their contact information in case you need them in court to prove your innocence.

Wrap Up

Parking lot accidents in Alberta are common thing these days. Did you know that 84 percent of Canadians own their own cars? Alberta is also one of the busy states. So, keep your lawyer ready to manage any car accident case.


What to do after a parking lot accident?

Follow some protocol when someone hits your car in the parking lot as well as you hit someone. First, do not leave the scene or the car. Then, locate the other driver and exchange information. Then, call the police and inform your lawyer about the incident. Also, take photos and talk to the witnesses.

Are parking lot accidents always 50/50?

There is a myth that states all parking lot accidents always come 50/50. This means both drivers are responsible equally. In this method, each party receives half of the money from the other party’s insurance. Although it is not true that all accidents are 50/50. In fact, the parking lot has its own rules and complications.

How long do you have to report an accident in Alberta?

There are different series of duties to report a car accident in Alberta which vary from time to time. You have 24 hours to report any accident if the damage exceeds $2000. Plus you will have 30 days to report to your insurance company. If the accident is fatal, do not leave the place. Call the police emergency service as soon as possible.

Do insurance companies cover parking lot accidents?

Insurance companies cover parking lot accidents if you have collision coverage. If you do not have the collision coverage agreement, and you are the main reason for that accident, forget any support from the insurance company.

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